Waterscapes of Time

Waterscapes of Time is a photographic series of long images that are made, each one, of an entire roll of film – 120mm . The construction of the visual/aesthetic body of the image, through the overlapping of the layers and partial haulage of the film generating the vertical marks, seeks a dialogue between landscapes and notions of temporal movement.

Thinking about the connections between time and water one could say that it lies on their multiple expressions and the unpredictable character of its temporalities, and it’s an opportunity to perceive the time in nature, in the environment as a whole and in ourselves. The artist’s motivation in this project reinforces the multiple, coexisting and simultaneous character of time within the broad spectrum of life. 

Technique: Analogue photography printed digitally on fine art over Hahnemühle Rag paper.

Format: ca.: 7.5m X 0.5m each.