Reservoir of Time

Reservoir of Time is a series of works including  two paintings on paper (10m X 1m), two paintings on canvas (1,60m X 1,50m) and a video/performance. 

The artist investigates the topic Time through the contact with nature by bringing the material and the ink to the spots and working together with the nature elements present at the moment, for example: sea water and sand, wind and rain, etc. 

The concept, which brings the basal ideas to this work of art, approaches the topic time and investigates it through the water present in nature.  Time is usually measured by light and is intrinsic related to the earth movements: rotation and translation. This means that usually society take as reference a movement expressed by an outsider corpus. The sun was chosen as the referential as it is a body located outside everything, even from earth. It is outside but it is present all the time changing life on earth. What the artist considered here is that time exceeds the measurements of a clock. Latin languages use the same word, for example in Portuguese: TEMPO to comprehend chronological time and atmospherical time and this invites to a opened concept of time.

This work of art suggests to the viewer the questions: What is time and how we live time on contemporaneity. One should remember that we are not the masters of our own time, in the sense that time one lives suffers a lot from outside influences, but we can also be aware on how we choose in our everyday life to experience time and how the outside is shaping a different experience of the time in contemporaneity. We should ask what is present, past and future in digital and virtual experiences and how technology absorbers time. It is a big challenge for society to perceive time in the present and this is what this artwork wants to provoke.