Ex-Libris of Memory

Ex-Libris of Memory is a photograph series published together with some essays in the artist’s book “Memory and Image”, with versions in English, Portuguese and Italian.

The photographs dialogue with the art of memory, the idea of a palace of memory and the archive. It also deals with the bookish heritage of the ex-libris stamps, since literature has been responsible for crossing the culture for countless generations and libraries are, by themselves, mnemonic places. Nevertheless we should notice that only who is alive is able to remember.

Technique: Analogue photography developed with traditional chemistry on photo paper.

Format: 25 x 25cm

The images appear. 

I am transported to a place

where I experiment sensations

that seem to belong to the present,

but they are actually scintillations

of a remote moment.



Veils are overlaid

making memories faded

I forget everything

and at once

start inventing. 


I begin my inventory,

an organised collection

of imago agens. 

Searching the archives, 

I create new possibilities.

In the end, I remember.