Emblems is a photographic series inspired on Andrea Alciati‘s book of emblems. An Emblem is a work divided in three parts: title, image and text. Largely made in Renaissance, the emblems have text and image working together to enlighten moral truths, political, cultural and religious values, in ways that have to be decoded by the viewer.

In this work, photographs are creating the allegories for new emblems of the contemporary civilization and people are conducted through an imaginary trip to the emblems of humanity, architecture, civilization and time.

Architecture is fundamental to discover more about a community. As it is possible to study in the monastic legacy, people seem to need “places” to put “remembrances” and architecture itself reflects this theory. One could find in every single part where life persists, places where history dwells and from this, make interpretations about how people are acting, what they have made in their trajectory, what is important for their culture and so on. Architecture shapes somehow the outlines of a community.

Technique: Analogue photography printed digitally on fine art over Hahnemühle Torchon paper.

Format: 32,9 x 48,3cm.